"Accounts Section" Notes:
  • To access your Account's Statement, click on the link (on main "Accounts" page) for your lot (first choose either the "Woodlands Lots" link or the "Original Sector Lots" link, then, on the resulting page, click on link for your lot).  You will then be asked for a User Name and Password.  These are NOT the same User and PW as you (and every other Unit Owner) use to access the "Members Only" section.  This is so that only you can see your Account Statement.  To obtain such access you will need to establish an individual User Name and Password, which will work only with your Account (see below for how to do that).  Once you have established your individual User Name and PW, you will be able to use them for the "Members Only" section (instead of having to remember 2 sets of User Name / PW combinations).  And whereas the old User Name and PW combo (common one which has always existed that every Unit Owner uses to access the "Members Only" section) will still work for certain parts of the "Members Only" section, you will have to use your new User Name and Password for your Account Statement.  And to repeat, you can also use this new User Name and PW for the "Member's Only" section too.  Actually, in order to keep things straightforward, as new sections are added to the web site (which requires a password and is such that every Unit Owner is allowed to see it), then your individual password will work for that as well.  THUS, once you acquire your individual User Name and Password combination, you can use it for all your SLF web access.

  • To determine your Unit/Lot Number, please refer to the MAPS found by clicking the below links:

  • To obtain your "Individual User Name and PassWord Combination", please follow these steps:

    • Your Individual User Name is pre-determined to be: "lotyy" or "lotwyy" where yy is your lot# and use the "w" version if it is a Woodlands Lot.
      For example, Woodlands lot# 39 would have User Name of "lotw39" (without the double quote symbols), whereas lot# 39 in the Original Sector would be "lot39".  Also, do not use leading zero; for example, Woodlands Lot# 5 is "lotw5", NOT "lotw05".
      These User Names ARE case-sensitive, and must be all lower-case.
    • To get the corresponding Password, first of all, decide what you want your password to be, then,
    • Follow this link: Contact the Webmaster to open an email form, but DO NOT send your new User Name and Password to the Webmaster!
         A link to "Contact Webmaster" is also at bottom of this page.
    • DO NOT send your Password via email - but instead, in your email to the Webmaster, indicate that you wish to setup an Individual Password Also, in this email to Webmaster, please specify your Phone Number as listed in the Community Directory (the Webmaster will call you at that number).
    • The Webmaster will be give you a return PHONE CALL, during which you will specify the password. This phone call will also serve to make sure the requestor is actually you.  The phone number you supplied will be compared with what SLFAI has on file for you.  If they don't match, or we have no phone number for you, you will be contacted elsewise, which could be a significant delay.  Please check the Community Directory and assure your phone number is correct there.

  • Assessments Policy:   Assessment Page

    • Includes the Assessments Policy and other detail, such as the annual amount for current and past years.

  • Timeliness of Events:

    • Payments (and any mail received) are considered received by the date of the postmark applied to the envelope by the U.S. Postal Service - if no such postmark is applied, then date received will be the date the payment is physically collected. Payments can be collected via:
      • The Official PO Box
      • Hand Delivery (In-Person) to a Board Member
    • All Payment Instruments MUST be made payable to the association, using either the full legal name, or abbreviation (derived from first letters of legal name) as listed here:
      • Saddle Lake Farms Association, Inc.
      • SLFAI
      And (either of) the above names can also be used on the envelope as our mailing name.
      Also - cash is not accepted, nor are credit card payments at this time.
    • All financial transactions (including the payment of assessments) for a particular month are posted between the 1st and the middle of the following month. For example a payment received anytime in March (see above description of when mail is considered received) will be available for online viewing by the middle of April.
    • Also, the credit of all payments here assume, and are conditional upon, the payment instrument (check, etc) clearing the Clearing House.  And we have been advised by our bankers that, in general, it can take up to 5 business days for this "clearing" process to complete for checks/money-orders drawn on local banks, and up to 10 business days for payments that are drawn on out-of-town banks.

Click here to contact the Webmaster     OR     Click here to contact the Treasurer