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Q&A on 3/5/2012 from Alabaster City Council       Copy of Annexation Resolution passed by Alabaster on 3/5/2012

Copy of Zoning Booklet from the County       Copy of Zoning Article from Nov. 22, 2005 Birmingham News

The following is copy of Flier mailed to all SLF Residents on March 6th.  PLEASE attend this meeting at all possible, as these issues in front of us (Annexation and Zoning) are of CRITICAL importance to our Home Values and Quality of Life here in Saddle Lake Farms ! !

Important Zoning Meeting

(for Saddle Lake Farms Residents)

Area-Wide Protection for your Property Values


Please come to an important meeting on Zoning for the Camp Branch Beat. Beat Zoning can precede Annexation and doubly protect your home value!


From: Teresa Olszewski, Camp Branch Beat Zoning Committee

Where: Camp Branch United Methodist Church

When: Monday, March 12th at 7:00PM

What: A presentation of what Zoning can do for our community

Why: To clear up rumors about Beat Zoning in the Camp Branch Area


Beat Zoning and Annexation are complementary. But, Zoning should come first.

We can protect our community from future abuse and misuse of the surrounding land areas, with Beat Zoning.

Come to the meeting; you may be glad that you did!

This meeting is approved by the Saddle Lake Farms Board of Directors

Official SLFAI Publication

This spot marks the end of the (copy of) mailed flier, and resumes the pre-March content of this page.  HOWEVER, per the Alabaster City Council meeting of 3/5/12, much new information has come to light, and this page will be updated to reflect such - Please Check Back Often!

There have been several recent events and issues of neighborhood-wide concern that affect, and are affected by, Annexation and Zoning:

Each of these items has its own set of concerns and interactions, both positively and negatively, with each other.  It is the position of the SLF Board of Directors and the Annexation Committee that all relevant info, as we aware and understand at the time, is presented to our members (SLF homeowners). This document will be updated as new information and conditions are known - Please check back frequently.

The Difference between Annexation and Zoning

Annexation - is for a community, or area of land, to be included within the city limits of an incorporated city, such as Alabaster.

Zoning - is for a community, or area of land, to be placed under zoning regulations and protection.  Zoning has 2 flavors (as it relates to us): County & City.

Right now, Saddle Lake Farms (SLF) is in un-incorporated Shelby County.  As you know, this means that we are not part of any city.  But, whether or not un-incorporated or within a city, by being part of Shelby County we are in a county zoning "Beat."  A "Beat" is a county-defined geographical area (the county is divided-up into several beats) used by the county for zoning purposes.  SLF is in the "Camp Branch" Beat, and right now, there is no (county) zoning in the Camp Branch Beat (each beat is either protected by zoning regulations, or is not, independently from each other).  This means that any landowner adjacent to or nearby SLF is free to use their land for any legal purpose.  There is no Zoning Protection for us from land usage next to or near us.

This is why there is a Zoning Initiative in progress to protect SLF from nearby development or usage that would have a deleterious effect on our Quality of Life, and property values as well.  It is important to note that only un-incorporated areas can affect (petition, vote) beat zoning.

While it is true that if annexed into Alabaster, we would have protection via Alabaster (city) zoning, that zoning will only affect areas within the city limits, and will offer no protection from land usage of adjacent and nearby properties not annexed into Alabaster (this includes the pasture area at Equestrian Dr., as it is not part of SLF).  So if SLF were annexed into Alabaster (and thus part of Alabaster), then Alabaster zoning would control what is within SLF but would not protect us from undesirable land usage outside Alabaster, including any such land nearby or adjacent to us.  Further, by being incorporated (into Alabaster), we would not be allowed to petition or vote towards the enactment of county zoning (county zoning is the only mechanism to regulate land usage not in a city, or not covered by homeowner covenants like in SLF).  Once county zoning is enacted (for Camp Branch Beat) then we are protected from (non-conforming) land usage in nearby un-incorporated areas even if we subsequently become part of Alabaster (or any city, for that matter).  Therefore, it is important that we carefully evaluate all means possible to protect our neighborhood.

Recent Events

Current & Upcoming Events

Annexation Pros/Cons

Below are listed some Pros & Cons of Annexation, which may help with your consideration of this issue.  And hopefully the above points will help as well with a better understanding of context and interactions among Annexation, Zoning, and recent events.  Thank You for your thoughtful consideration of these important matters.

Schools / Athletics Programs
Property Values
Fire / EMT (Lower rating is better)
Taxes / Insurance
Roads / Streets Lights & Signs

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