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NEXTDOOR is a third-party web facility, totally independent and separate from the Saddle Lake Farms (SLF) website, and no content or function or use of data you might provide to it are in anyway the views, opinions, or comments or the responsibility of the SLF Association.  All information contained in NextDoor is unofficial, and is not correspondence from the Saddle Lake Farms Association.  The SLF website will continue to be the official website SLF Association information.  Please be aware of the below stated details and caveats before using NextDoor.


For some time now, there has been a need for (and a desire to provide) a facility for neighbors to be able to post (and to look for) things for sale to SLF residents, by SLF residents, as well as other things like discussion groups, neighbor profile pages, social events, etc. 



Beth Bryan (who is also the Special Events Committee chairperson for the SLF Association) has found a free third party website called "NextDoor" (or ND for short) which addresses these issues. 


Developing such facilities in-house would have required a large investment in time and work, so the SLF Association (Association) decided to setup ND for SLF folks' use, and to inform of such, via this M2M (recall an "M2M" is an email sent from the Association to the entire SLF community).  Beth has taken the lead on this setup and is the liaison to the Information Committee to coordinate ND's functions with those of the SLF website.


NextDoor is intended to provide the following functions:

So basically, ND would be SLF's own "Facebook", "Angie's List", and "Craig's List" rolled into one place for SLF folks only.


SLF ONLY - It is for SLF folks only because of one very attractive feature - according to the advertised specifications of ND, only SLF Folks are allowed to sign up!  So you have a certain level of assurance that anyone you are dealing with is a member of the SLF community.  In the initial setup, the ND software required the input of the geographical boundary of SLF for the purpose of only allowing folks that reside within that geographical area to register and sign-in.


MAIN PURPOSE - is to provide a forum for light-hearted discussion for community events, activities as well as to provide opportunities for posting (and reading of posts) regarding its other intended uses listed above.   



So as not to duplicate, or overlap with, existing SLF website functions, the following elaborates on the detail of how the above listed ND functions coordinate with the SLF website:






  • Social Events - Currently we have an Events Calendar on the SLF website.  This page will remain in its current form and function, and will remain the Official Events Calendar for the Association and its committees (including the Special Events committee).  Information about neighborhood events and activities (both sponsored by the Association and those that may not be) can be posted on ND, but only information posted to the SLF website Events Calendar (and/or posted on the SLF website homepage) will be officially from the Association.  Recall that any SLF resident can post to ND, so there can be no assurance by the Association as to the validity or accuracy of such posting, nor whether or not such event is sponsored by the Association.  All Association events (and information from the Association regarding such events) will be posted to the SLF website, via the Events Calendar and/or the homepage.  Such info may also be duplicated on ND, but that is beyond the control of the Association.
    • SLF Events Calendar (and SLF website homepage entries) remains official vehicle for Association sponsored events information.
    • ND Events entries may possibly duplicate info on the SLF Events Calendar.  Note that in addition to and event being listed on the ND calendar, there may also be an ND discussion group devoted to fleshing-out the details for the events (see note above).
    • If any confusion regarding info on the SLF website Events Calendar on info for a particular event listed on ND, please contact the Special Events Committee chairperson (currently Beth Bryan, at the time of writing of this M2M).


Whereas NextDoor is separate from the SLF Association and not connected with the SLF website, there will be an ongoing attempt to coordinate and synchronize certain parts of each, such as the Events Calendars of each, the sending of M2Ms for Lost/Found items, and any other area where the two either overlap are would benefit from synchronization or coordination.  Thus one of the functions of the Special Events Committee chairperson is to manage such coordinations.  Currently (August 2015) that is Beth Bryan.



NextDoor is Not Part of SLF Website & all Information Contained Therein is Unofficial - Other than the initial setup (setting geographic boundaries so as to allow NextDoor to limit membership to SLF residents only), and this M2M informing the community of this facility, The SLF Association has no control over the content of the ND site, and is in no way endorsing or approving the use of ND, or assuring the integrity, accuracy of content, or privacy controls of the NextDoor site and supporting software.  The SLF Association does not control the content posted to the ND site and no comment or content thereby posted represent the views and opinions of the SLF Association, or its Board of Directors, or any Committee or Committee member (acting in their role as such committee member).  The NextDoor site is not part of the official SLF website, and no content found therein should be construed as official SLF Association information. 


In essence - NextDoor is not part of the SLF website, was setup purely as a convenience for SLF residents for their use, and no part of the ND site, in function or content, is approved, endorsed, authorized, or verified for accuracy or social appropriateness and etiquette by the SLF Association.


Third Party Software - the NextDoor (ND) platform runs on (web) code not developed or known by the SLF Webmaster or anyone with the SLF Association, and the Association cannot speak to what is done with any information you provide to ND.  It is hoped and presumed that the ND site is based on secure software and that the practices and intent of the ND developers and support staff are ethical and sound, but there is no direct knowledge of this, so any information you choose to give the ND system is entirely at your responsibility and the SLF Association has no control over its use, nor any way of knowing its eventual use, if any, by the ND system.


Please do NOT share others' info - We sincerely ask that you DO NOT SHARE ANY INFORMATION FROM THE SLF WEBSITE WITH NEXTDOOR.  That is, any info that you have come by only by virtue of being able to login to the SLF website - please do NOT provide the ND system with that info.  An example is others' names and/or phone numbers from the Community Directory.  If you have gotten specific permission from a particular neighbor to share their info with ND, then that of course is fine.  And in general, not just where ND is concerned, we ask you to treat info from the SLF website in that manner.  Things like Board Meeting minutes, SLF financials, and other such data are ONLY for access of SLF folks, so please don't share outside SLF.


Leaving SLF - Once someone leaves the Saddle Lake Farms community, their SLF website access is removed, as well as their inclusion on the M2M distribution list (these are tasks of the SLF Webmaster).  This is in keeping with above stated philosophy that such info is only for SLF folks.  Like stated already, one of the attractive features of ND is that it is designed to only allow SLF residents to register. This is a nice feature indeed, as it, for example, is intended to prevent such things as a stranger (identity unknown) from knowing the exact address of someone posting an item to sale, or service needed.  Neither the Association nor anyone associated with this "rollout" would have even considered ND had it not been for that feature, as the security, privacy, and safety issues would have been too great.  For only SLF folk to be able to register narrows the audience of any post to just SLF folk - a Much smaller (and knowable, manageable) sample than the entire Internet!!


But since ND is NOT controlled by the Association (nor the SLF Webmaster), there is no way to assure that a person is removed from ND once they move away.  This is an obvious gap, and may or may not be of concern to you.  Just be aware that anything you share or post on ND possibly might be seen by folks not still living in SLF.



This site is potentially accessible by anyone residing in SLF so it will be expected that proper decorum and etiquette be observed at all times.  As with any interactive facility, there is always the risk of inappropriate postings, so please be mindful of this, both as a poster and reader.  Again, the SLF Association has NO CONTROL over posting and content!  However, ND does have a facility for a moderator (called a neighborhood "Lead") which has the ability to delete inappropriate postings, and Beth Bryan has volunteered to function in that role at this time.  This does not, however, assure that there won't be some period of time that an undesired posting goes undetected and remains posted.  Where hopefully any such time frame will be short, no guarantees or assurances can be made, and ultimately, as with any interactive forum, it is public (if only to the SLF community).


So PLEASE make all postings/comments informational only, or at least light-hearted and non-offensive to anyone regardless of their particular beliefs and values - Please NO controversial Social, Political, Ethnic, Religious, Moral or other potential inflammatory comments.  This new facility (NextDoor) is a form of Social Media and those of us used to this arena are familiar with these concerns, as just like with road-rage, a level of anonymity sometimes can foster behavior that would not normally be displayed face-to-face.  So to all of us, both familiar and new to social media, please be mindful of these things, especially as the folks involved will most likely all be our SLF neighbors.


And Last but not Least - PLEASE let us all be careful in general about what we say about our neighbors, regardless of what we know or think we know.  As we all have seen many times, what passes for fact is in reality only part of the story, and misspoken words can ruin lives.



Thank You for taking the time to review this intro and familiarize yourself with NextDoor.  We are excited and hopeful that this facility will enhance your lives here in Saddle Lake Farms, and wanted to inform you of the features and advantages, as well as to make you aware of any considerations that may be of concern to you.


To access NextDoor (ND), you will need to register with the service.  Since one of the features is to allow only those in the geographic Saddle Lake Farms (SLF) area to register (and use the system), then you will need to be prepared to provide proof of residency.  The ND site will guide you through this, but you will need something like the account # from a credit card account or utility bill.


You will also need to setup a username and password for ND.  Note that this is totally separate from your username and password for the SLF website, as ND is totally separate and not associated with the SLF website (and the SLF Webmaster will not be able to "look-up" or "reset" your ND password).  Of course, you may choose to use the same username as you have for the SLF website (if no one has already chosen that username), and as well for the password - but that is totally up to you when you choose your ND username and password.


To start the process (register & define username/password, and then to sign-in), click the following link:


There is also a mobile app for your phone, tablet, or other online mobile device.


We hope that NextDoor is of use to you, and that this has introduced this new service to your satisfaction.  However, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments and would like to discuss NextDoor or any of the above items further, please contact either the Special Events Committee Chairperson or the SLF Webmaster (contact info below).



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