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The purpose of this page is to familarize you with the Saddle Lake Farms Web Site.

Also included are links to key site pages, various general neighborhood data, and SLFAI contact info.
Some of these data are password protected (see Password & Security link below).

Our Community   (What living in Saddle Lake Farms is all about.  Culture, Background, & History)
Passwords & Security
  (Description of different password types, when each type is required, & how to set them up)
Assessment Accounts
  (Listing of all lots, with links to their accounts. You must use a lot's "Individual" Password to access its account)
Accounts Receivable
  (Revenue OTHER than Assessments. E.g., Chk Acct Int, Reserve Fund Distributions, etc. Use "Individual" PW)
Accounts Payable
  (Expense Item Registers, with Budgeted Amts, Transactions, and Amts Remaining. Requires "Individual" Password)
Contact Info
  (Board Members, Committee Chairpersons, Neighborhood Watch Block Captains)

The following 2 links are to apps on the I N F O ("New Technology") side of the website:  
     Photo Central
  (Saddle Lake Farms's Photo Library - Events, etc.)
     SLF Survey System
  [Documentation] [More Details] (Saddle Lake Farms's Survey System - SLFSS)

Below are transitioned links from homepage (to free-up real estate on homepage, but still provide a handy link to these items):

Garbage Collection Changes in 2018 (click HERE for details)
Click: HERE for Alabaster Zoning Plan for SLF
(approved at the Alabaster City Council Meeting of Feb. 26, 2018)
Call for Bids - 2018 Landscaping
CLICK > > >  HERE  < < < For INFO
CLICK > > >  Spring 2018 Yard Sale  < < < For INFO
2017 SANTA STOP Christmas Eve (click HERE for details)
> > >   2015 HALLOWEEN PARTY   < < <  
NextDoor Page ROLLOUT of the
NEXTDOOR Social Media System
NextDoor Page
Pot Luck Dinner Pot Luck Dinner - Jun 7th 2015, 5pm
See Events Calendar for Details
Pot Luck Dinner
CLICK > > >  Spring 2015 Yard Sale  < < < For INFO
Christmas Tree Lighting Postponed Christmas Tree Lighting
Christmas Tree Lighting Postponed
CLICK    > >   2013 Halloween Party   < <   For INFO
Mexican Pot Luck Dinner Mexican Pot Luck Dinner
Oct 12th 2013, 6pm
Mexican Pot Luck Dinner
CLICK > > >  Fall 2013 Yard Sale  < < < For INFO
NEW ITEM: Click for ==> Summer 2013 Newsletter (published 8/7/13)
CLICK > > >  Spring 2013 Yard Sale  < < < For INFO
Wine Tasting Party Christmas Tree Lighting
Dec 2nd, 6pm - at Dock
Wine Tasting Party
NEW ITEM: Click for ==> August 2012 Newsletter (published 8/28/12)
Wine Tasting Party W i n e   T a s t i n g   P a r t y Wine Tasting Party
CLICK    > > >   Halloween Party   < < <   For INFO
CLICK > > >  Fall 2012 Yard Sale  < < < For INFO
Grouper Fishing Tournament - Sat, April 21, 2012
Click for:   Details   /   Photos & Awards
Green Fish
See the Annexation & Zoning Page for Annexation & Zoning Details
Quick Link
ROLLOUT of the
Saddle Lake Farms Survey System
Quick Link
LOST CAT (Elderly & De-Clawed).  Contact Webmaster if seen.
Butter <<<  Missing Cat  | |  Lost Greyhound  >>> Gracie
CLICK > > >  Recycling Available  < < < For INFO
Several Boats do not have the Required SLF Boat Decals -
> > > NEW FORM as of 11/2/2015 < < <
If you have a boat at, or take a boat to the Lake, PLEASE visit
!! The SLF LAKE Page !!
to download, print, and submit the BOAT REGISTRATION FORM
(you will then be sent decals for your boat, along with instructions for affixing them to your boat).

Board Members: Alvin Harris, Mellissa Wiley, Sam Munyer, Jonathan Smith, Chris Irvin

Questions, comments and/or suggestions???
Click here to contact the Webmaster

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