Saddle Lake Farms Survey System

There is a new survey facility on our website which allows our members (homeowners) to make their feelings known on a variety of issues.  It will be known as the SLF Survey System, or just SLFSS.  The following describes the system, how to access and use it, and the initial survey.

>>>  See Bottom of this notice for a brief Quick-Start "How-to-Use" guide.  <<<

SLFSS will have Surveys addressing various topics of concern to our neighborhood, and is a means for members voice their opinions.  The survey will be used to gauge the feeling of the community as a whole on topics of common concern.

The SLFSS Main Menu page ( will list one or more surveys (just 1 now to start with).  Each Survey will have one or more questions (this first survey has just 1 question).  Each survey question will consist of the question itself, along with a series of choices, only one of which may be selected (such as "Yes", "No", or "Maybe").  For each question, you may choose only one of the set, using the familiar "radio" type buttons.  Your votes (for the questions in that survey) are not registered until you click on the "SUBMIT" button, so of course you can change your vote at will prior to clicking "SUBMIT", even if the survey is "Immutable".  But once you SUBMIT, your vote is cast and registered with the system, and your screen is refreshed to reflect your vote.

You will see various tags on the survey page (such as "Visible", "Mutable", etc) and they have to do with how that particular survey is to be managed (e.g., "Mutable" means that a user may change their vote after having cast it in a particular way, allowing for a user to change their mind).  For a detailed explanation of the structure and elements of a this survey system, please review the document "SLFSS Detailed Description" (at link:


First - Two Technologies:  As most all are aware, the Main, overall Homepage of the SLF website is  From there you can get to all parts of the SLF website, both the "new tech" and "old tech" (or traditional) parts of the site.  The original website used static pages (each one has to be created separately and it never changes, except for manual webmaster intervention), and there are obvious limitations there.  The "new technology" part of the site employs a web development technology that allows for programming to alter the pages displayed back to the user, based on their input.  No more "tech speak" - but in a nutshell, that's the lay of the land with that.  There are compelling reasons for both, and to convert the bulk of the site (which is "old tech") to the "new tech" format would take mega person-hours and perhaps that will be something pursued in the future as time permits.

SO - there is a "new tech homepage" which is the main menu page for the the "new tech" applications.  Right now, there are only 2 new-tech apps, Photo Central & SLFSS.

Second - Access the "New-Tech" section (and thus SLFSS) by one of:
   >>    From the SLF Homepage, Click on the "I N F O" link (upper-left of homepage)  OR
   >>    Go directly to the New-Tech Main Menu at:  OR
   >>    Go directly to SLFSS by:
                1)  Go to New-Tech Main Menu and then click on "SLF Surveys"   OR
                2)  Go to SLF Homepage and click on the "Surveys" horsehead-style link   OR
                3)  Link directly there at:

Note that you now can also go directly to Photo Central from the SLF Homepage by clicking on the "Photos" horsehead-style link.

Third - Login to the Survey System:
   >>    When you first access SLFSS (in a particular browser session), you will be sent to a Login Page and asked to login.
   >>    You need an Individual Username/PW to access the Survey System - the community-wide one is not sufficient.  The Login Page will indicate the level of PW you need to login into the application (SLFSS).
   >>    Supply a valid Username and PW and you will be taken to the SLFSS Main Menu page.  If you have difficulty with this, please click: to contact the SLF Webmaster.


   >>    From the SLFSS Main Menu page, click on the Survey# button of the survey you want to access.
   >>    Your screen should now show the detail page for that survey, which includes all of the survey questions and the "radio-buttons" for you to indicate your preference/answer for each question.
   >>    Once you have made your selections, click the "SUBMIT" button to cast your "votes/selections" for the questions - this will register your selections in the system, and your screen will be refreshed, verifying your selections.
   >>    You can use the navigational links (upper-right of screen) to:
                1)  Go back to the Surveys Main Menu page ("Surveys"), or
                2)  Go back to the INFO Homepage ("INFO"), or
                3)  Go back to the Main SLF Homepage ("HOME"), or
                4)  Log Out of the SLFSS system ("Log Out") - this also takes you back to the INFO Homepage.


To start with, there is only one Survey, and it has only one question.  This is Survey #1, entitled "Annexation into Alabaster" and very simply asks if you are For, Against, or Undecided on the issue of SLF annexing into the City of Alabaster.

As many of you are aware, the City of Alabaster is in the process of forming their own school system.  At the current time, Saddle Lake Farms children attend schools in Alabaster because they are the closest county schools to SLF.  There is a concern that when Alabaster schools are no longer part of the county school system then SLF kids will not be allowed to attend there.  There are many pros/cons and SLF held a neighborhood meeting on Nov. 14, 2011, to address these issues, and subsequently sent out an email summarizing the meeting and attaching the handouts from the meeting.

This initial survey is just an attempt to get a feel for how the neighborhood feels about such annexation.  Please review your notes and thoughts from the meeting and the info in the subsequent email to members, and login to SLFSS and add your voice to those of your neighbors.

Thank You for participating in our new Survey System !!

Here is a "Quick Start" summary of how to access and use SLFSS:
     1)  Go to following web site:
     2)  Once at that page, click on the Button labeled "SLF Surveys" - you will then be taken to a login page.
     3)  You must have an "Individual" Username/Password to access - see SLF Webmaster (contact data below) if you are not yet setup for Individual access.  Once you login, you will be taken the the Main Surveys page.
     4)  On that page, select a survey (there is only one now!) by clicking on its number (at left of entry)
     5)  Once on the screen for that survey, read the description, and vote on each question (there is only one question on this initial survey)
     6)  You vote on a question by clicking one of the captioned "radio-buttons" by the question - it will be obvious.  When done making your selection, click the "SUBMIT" button.
     7)  That's it - your vote is cast!!  And your screen will be refreshed with data affirming to you how you voted.
     8)  This particular survey is setup to allow you to change your vote, even after hitting the "SUBMIT" button.  Again, this is not a binding vote - just an attempt to get the pulse of the neighborhood.
     9)   To contact the SLF Webmaster, click:
THANKS for Participating !!